Scheduled Meetings for Tahoe Seasons Resort

All meetings will be held at Tahoe Seasons Resort

Annual Owners Meeting:

Sat – Sept 12, 2015 1:00 pm

Board Meeting:

Mon – Jun 8, 2015 9:00 am

Sat – Sept 12, 2015 9:00 am

Mon – Dec 7, 2015 9:00 am

NO Home Phone?

Please call, email or write to advise us of your cell phone number.
1-800-540-4874, option 5 or

Tahoe Seasons Resort
P.O. Box 16300
South Lake Tahoe, Ca. 96151

6th Floor Patio requests

Blocking rooms are started mid-week. An arrivals report is printed and highlighted with all requests. The reservation computer system is reviewed to see what date EACH request was made for a patio. The Owner who requested it first will be granted the unit (provided it doesn’t go down for unexpected maintenance).

For Owners who would like to extend their stay:

Masters Suites (Fountainbleu or Fairmont) and Royale (Roya / Royb) on the patio: We would also be doing the same as above. First, we would check the availability, then run the arrivals to see if another Owner requested the specific unit. If we have a request for that specific unit, the Owner that is requesting a stay-over would have to move to a different unit. If there was no request for the 6th floor and a renter happens to be checked into a 6th floor patio and wishes to extend, we are NOT going to ask them to move out. We will accommodate the next owner’s request as best we can.

Timeshare Resale Resource

The ARDA-ROC Timeshare Resale Resource Center is now available on the website. Please visit to view the new ARDA-ROC Resale Center. This is a one-stop resource to educate owners about the resale process and to protect them from unscrupulous resale and marketing companies.

The goal of this new Resale Center is to offer owners an objective educational place on the web regarding traversing the thorny secondary market. The Resource Center offers:

  • Information for consumers on how to find the right type of resale process to meet their individual needs.
  • Checklists to help them through the resale process including questions they may ask potential resale companies.
  • Information on how to identify scams and avoid commonly made mistakes.
  • A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions owners may have about reselling. Some of the most important questions dealing with such issues as whether or not legal and tax advice is believable; how the secondary market is regulated; and where to file complaints, along with websites to verify facts about a resale company.
  • A site that encourages owners to share information on their resale experience and the effectiveness of their resale efforts through an on-line survey.

Q ‘s & A’s

What is an exchange?

An Exchange is when you use your regular use time at another resort though an exchange company.

Why do we pay Assessments & Reserve Fund?

For Operations, Replacements (FF & E), Repairs (Carpet & Painting).

What are Assessments?

Costs associated with the day-to-day operation of the resort & contribution to Reserves.

What is the Reserve Fund?

The reserve fund is for replacement & Repairs.

What is needed to change ownership of record at the resort?

We will need you to mail a “copy of the recorded grant deed” that was recorded with the El Dorado County Recorders Office in Placerville, California.  Just a copy is needed of The Grant Deed and Legal Description please keep the original in a safe place.  You will need to include a transfer fee of $100.00 payable to VRI and mail to:

Vacation Resort International – VRI
Attn: Inventory Control
25510 Commercentre Dr Suite 100
Lake Forest, Ca 92630


Be wary of any calls, e-mails or letters you receive concerning your timeshare from any person or company you don’t know. We have recently had owners report false messages that their interval was rented or could be rented. Others have reported receiving calls indicating that there was a purchaser for their timeshare, and all they need to do is send a check for the title fees. Still other owners have received messages from “timeshare advisory” companies, or posing as attorneys, claiming that they could recover money for the owner. If in doubt, check it out. Don’t give money to anyone before reviewing the contract and having it reviewed by an attorney that you know and trust. Check out resale or rental companies thoroughly before providing them any information. To determine if a company has any relationship with your resort, or to determine the status of your interval or ownership, call Owner Services at 530-541-6700, Ext. 568.